Bank Robbery

60 min

Some would say that committing a bank robbery is a very bad idea. But what if this bank belongs to the mafia or National Crime Syndicate? Your task is to take at least a small portion of the money that they stole from so many innocent people. You have already entered the building, and have 60 minutes to reach the safe and leave with the money. BE CAREFUL! If you get caught, you will not leave alive.


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Had such an amazing time tonight!! We’re a large group of people divided into three smaller groups. Our group was “robbing the bank”! It was a pretty challenging yet super-fun! The staff is very friendly and helpful! We’re definitely coming back! THANK YOU! :)
Nicole C
We have escaped from Mafia's Bank. Awesome. Thank you!!!
Sally D.
Room was fun and very different from the other escape rooms that I've completed. I liked that this one was not focused on locks but on actually doing things to solve the room. Very interactive and makes you think.
Cheraine Christian
The bank was was neat and very well put together
Austin Tamberino
Fantastic! I’ve played more than a dozen room escapes over five years and this is the most delicate one (also top 3 in difficulty on my list). Worth trying with your friends!
Linyuan Shi
We were the first team to experience the new Bank Robbery room and totally enjoyed the challenge! This one was different from others venues we had it was possible for the group to work on concurrent puzzles, which allowed for greater participation, and the electronic unlocking of the next puzzle was ingenious! The proprietors put effort into little details, which was great!