The Ring

60 min

Everyone that watched this videotape is already dead…The sound of a phone ringing was the last thing they heard before dying. A call from the spirit of the slain Samara, attempting to break out of her well. Thanks to your great misfortune you have already seen the tape and are now cursed. Welcome to Samara’s deadly game, you have 60 minutes to lift the curse and send Samara back to her well forever!

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This place was Awesome!!! Great service and the game was unlike anything I’ve ever experience I recommend everyone to try this place out!!
I've been to a number of such rooms around Baltimore. The "Ring" is hands down the best one so far! Well-designed puzzles and an immersive story line, unlike some where an assortment of locks needs to be open without much connection between them.
I highly recommend trying this escape room to anyone! This escape room does not have you running around looking for random keys and locks, rather takes a very story driven approach with tech savvy escape elements making everything very very interactive! Best escape experience by far!
The best one
John Brown