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Smart Escape Room

A team consisting of 2-7 players is placed in a highly immersive themed environment where players will solve puzzles, find keys, and discover secret doors. Within 60 minutes you must use common sense as well as think outside the box to successfully unravel the mystery of the room and escape. Do you have what it takes to outsmart our master game designers? Welcome to Smart Escape!

Not your average escape room!

Featured Rooms


The Ring

60 min
Towson, MD

Everyone who watches the video tape will die. A phone call was the last thing they heard. Will you be the one to rid yourself of Samara's curse in just 60 minutes and send her back to the well forever?


Allan Poe - "The Gold-Bug"

Towson, MD

I hath a need for a crew, to contract in search of the treasures, hidden by the legendary pirate. This enterprise is to be completed within an hour. Could I recruit your persons for a cut of the spoils?

Golden bug

Merlin's House

60 min
Towson, MD

Step inside the House of Merlin. Unlock my secrets in 60 minutes or less and attain the knowledge of one of the greatest mages of all time.

Bank Robbery

60 min

We have a information on a bank which belongs to the mob, for a share of the spoils. Keep this on the hush hush, we wouldn't want to upset the mobsters. You've got 60 minutes on the clock. BE CAREFUL.

Gift Voucher

You can purchase the Gift Voucher for your family or friends, so they could participate in this experience. You can gift them a fun time for there birthday or any other events.

How it works

You Are Locked In

You will bring nothing in, but the escape room will be filled with useful and sometimes irrelevant objects.

The Clock Is Ticking…

Can you puzzle your way to the intriguing conclusion and escape the room in 60 minutes?

Feel The Atmosphere

The rooms is built to create an authentic experience with a fun atmosphere, strict attention to detail.

What people are saying…

This place was Awesome!!! Great service and the game was unlike anything I’ve ever experience I recommend everyone to try this place out!!
Amazing puzzles and a lot of fun with friends. You feel safe and it isn't scary. Thank you for dealing with some crazy peeps.
Gosha Kantsler
I've been to a number of such rooms around Baltimore. The "Ring" is hands down the best one so far! Well-designed puzzles and an immersive story line, unlike some where an assortment of locks needs to be open without much connection between them.
Great place! Very entertaining! My family really enjoyed solving the puzzle. We will definitely come back to solve some more!
Felix Kislyuk
I highly recommend trying this escape room to anyone! This escape room does not have you running around looking for random keys and locks, rather takes a very story driven approach with tech savvy escape elements making everything very very interactive! Best escape experience by far!
We have been to many escape rooms before but Smart Escape is way better than others. My kids loved it. Great place to spend time with family or friends. Highly recommend it!
Ina S.
Had a great time. This was my first time doing an escape room and I truly enjoyed myself. I thought I would just be able to breeze through the room. But, it really put my brain skills to the test. Although, we didn't make it out in time it still was a great experience. Staff was helpful and courteous also.
Devaldo Chappell
The best one
John Brown
We wanted a family adventure and went for the "Gold-Bug" room. It was perfect for the whole family and offered ample opportunity for the kids (11 and 14) to participate. A solid five-stars experience! We will definitely come back
Jean Rozin
My family and I had a spectacular experience here and they are above and beyond in customer service and entertainment.
This place is a blast, especially for groups! I loved seeing how group members of different personalities approached the puzzles.

Who can play

  • Friends & Family
  • Team & Co-Workers
  • Game Lovers
  • Tourists

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